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Full Range of Spray System Accessories to Simplify Installation and Ensure Performance

Spray System Connectors, Fittings and Valves: Overview

Choosing the right spray nozzle is just the first step in optimizing performance. The proper spray system accessories are needed to ensure proper installation, effective monitoring and easy maintenance. Purchasing all components from the same supplier eliminates potential integration/compatibility issues and is a time-saving convenience. We offer a full line of accessories including nozzle connectors, nozzle fittings, nozzle valves, gauges and more – we're here to provide all of your spray system accessories.


  • Split-eyelet connectors are available in a variety of clamp sizes and pressure ratings and provide a fast and economical way to install spray nozzles, gauges, hoses and more
  • Adjustable ball fittings offer easy and precise positioning of automated spray nozzle direction; choose from many different styles and configurations
  • A wide selection of check valves, plug and ball valves, rollover valves, throttling valves and solenoid valves ensures you'll find the right type of valve with the performance specifications you need
  • Air pressure regulators, liquid pressure regulators, gauges, snubbers and air line filters are also available in various styles to ensure effective system operation

Ideal for:

  • Nozzle installation
  • Operations requiring on/off control, positive shut-off or quick changeover between nozzles
  • Applications using centrifugal pumps
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