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Spray nozzles may seem like small components in car wash operations but they can have a dramatic impact on profitability. Using the wrong nozzles or worn nozzles can drive up operating costs and shorten pump life. That's why it is important to partner with a supplier with a full line of spray products plus the expertise to ensure you select the nozzles and take steps to optimize performance. We can help – we have decades of experience and a proven track record working with inbay automatic, self-serve and conveyor car washes to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and extend nozzle life.

Key Applications

  • Chemical arches: flat spray nozzles for uniform distribution with overlapping patterns
  • Pressure wash/first rinse: high-impact nozzles to remove dirt and detergent
  • Rinse arches and presoak: Low-impact wide angle and high-impact narrow angle nozzles with large free passage to reduce clogging
  • Grill, rocker panel and wheel well cleaning: high-impact solid stream nozzle for effective targeted cleaning
  • Detergent application: energy-efficient, self-aspirating foaming nozzles – no compressed air required
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