SprayWare is a collection of tools and resources designed specifically to assist you with nozzle selection and spray system optimization.

Flow Rate Calculator: Use this calculator to determine the flow rate of any nozzle at any operating pressure. Inputs to this calculator are the nozzle type, current operating pressure and flow, desired flow or desired pressure.

Spray Coverage: Determine the spray nozzle coverage at a known spray height and spray angle, determine the spray angle required to produce desired spray coverage at a known spray height or determine the spray height required to produce desired spray coverage at a known spray angle.

SprayDry® Nozzle Selector:  Find the SprayDry nozzle that will deliver the exact performance you need.  Just enter the flow rate, pressure and specific gravity of the fluid.   

Pressure Drop Calculator: Calculate the pressure drop due to pipe elements. Select the pipe group and subgroup, and input pipe roughness and volume flow to determine the amount of pressure that will be lost.

Eductor Sizing Calculator: Determine the size and number of eductors required based on your tank configuration, volume and the number of turnovers required.

Nozzle Wear Calculator: Find out how much using worn spray nozzles is costing in your operations. You may be surprised to learn how much you're wasting and the impact on profitability.