Produce Cleaners and Sanitizers on Demand with the PathoSans System

PathoSans System Solutions: Highly Effective, Safe and Eco-Friendly


The PathoSans System converts softened tap water and salt into two different solutions:

  • Sodium hydroxide, an alkaline cleaner/grease cutter
  • Hypochlorous acid, proven in an EPA study to be more powerful at 50 parts per million (ppm) than chlorine bleach at 200 ppm

These solutions are extremely powerful and can be used for surface cleaning, pathogen destruction and bio-film removal. The solutions are non-toxic and replace most of the chemical cleaners and sanitizers currently used in your facility.

PathoSans System Benefits

  • Highly effective cleaner and sanitizer
    • The cleaner converts fats and proteins to soap and washes them away without residue
    • Stubborn substances such as caked cheese, chocolate and hydrogenated oil are easily removed by heating the cleaning solution
    • Microorganisms are killed with brief contact time
  • Improve worker safety: The cleaner and sanitizer are non-toxic. These solutions have no odor and are safe for employees
  • Reduced carbon footprint: PathoSans solutions are easy and safe to store. The solutions are produced on demand and remain effective for at least 30 days when properly stored. The need to have cleaning chemicals delivered to your facility is also eliminated
  • Electrolyzed water is not a new concept but the electrolytic process used by the PathoSans system is new. The need for unreliable mechanical pumps has been eliminated
  • Slash operating costs: A PathoSans system will quickly pay for itself. The cost of producing the cleaner and sanitizer is less than $0.07 per gallon. Cleaning costs can be reduced up to 90%. The system is easy-to-use and requires little maintenance

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