Optimizing Spray Injector Performance in Petroleum Refining

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Optimize Spray Injector Performance

Spray Injectors for Petroleum Refining

Optimizing spray injector performance requires an extensive knowledge of spray technology. And that's where we come in. We work with leading engineering firms and oil companies around the world to design and build durable, dependable, low maintenance injectors that deliver the required performance be it in the FCCU riser, catalyst regenerator, coker, pollution control equipment or other areas of the refinery.

Refinery injectors need to meet exacting performance requirements. And to achieve those performance goals, injector designs are typically complex, comply with extreme engineering standards for safety and necessitate the use of special materials and coatings to withstand harsh environments.

Some of the more the common applications in refineries where custom spray injectors are used are shown here. There are many others so be sure to contact us for additional information. We have wide ranging experience with dozens of different injector types for dozens of refinery operations.

Injectors in a Typical Petroleum Refinery