AutoJet FDS30100 Fluid Delivery Systems Optimizes the Performance of a Wide Range of Spray Nozzles

Portable Pump System Integrates All Components and Provides Easy, Energy-Efficient Operation

AutoJet Fluid Delivery System: Overview

All system components – pump, motor and control – are packaged in this portable cart to feed a wide range of tank cleaning and spray nozzles. The system minimizes manual operation, decreases downtime and lowers operating costs.


  • Easy operation – a variable frequency drive (VFD) eliminates the need for a control valve to throttle flow; discharge pressure is set via touch pad
  • Saves energy – VFD automatically adjusts speed to maintain pressure; lower operating speed saves energy
  • Reduces water and chemical use through consistent control – no operator involvement required beyond initial set-up
  • Compatible with a wide range of spray nozzles – any combination of nozzles can be used if total flow and operating pressure are within range of pump (30 gpm at 100 psi/114 l/min at 6.9 bar)

Ideal for:

  • Tank cleaning
  • Dust control
  • Conveyor cleaning

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